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In many countries, wall thermal resistance or R-value is the sole determinant of energy efficiency. Here in South Africa, R-values are only one measurement to consider.
Did the recent mortgage rate hike frustrate your plans to buy that dream home? Instead of hunting down a perfect kitchen or extra room elsewhere, why not save on commissions and transfer fees and... more
Wouldn’t life be so much easier if clients never changed their minds? Wouldn’t it be nice if all a project manager had to do was track the pre-arranged plan, and could count on a steady supply of... more
Made of clay and shale, the final composition of clay brick includes the four natural elements, i.e., earth, wind, fire and water. Clay bricks contain no pollutants or allergens and are resistant to... more
Figure 1 The CSR 8-star House uses 85% less heating and cooling energy that the average home built before 1990. Photograph CSR Limited, Australia This attractive 8-Star energy efficient home located... more
A recent article in Business Day  -  ‘A testament to modern materials’ -  stated that Light Steel Frame (LSF) lightweight walls “provide the magic” that afford a more energy efficient house solution... more
In presenting house Stand 47 Monaghan farm, it was proposed that high levels of energy efficiency could be expected due to its lightweight partition walling envelope and internal walls.  Technical... more
It is expected that new programs like the ASIDI or Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Delivery Initiative program will stimulate crucial education projects. ASIDI targets over 3000 schools across... more
Over the years there had been  an on-going stream of Agrément SA certificated Alternative Building systems [ABTs] that have claimed superior performance over clay brick construction, lower... more
A school should be the embodiment of stability, permanence and strength. It should protect children from the dangers of the world at large, while providing an environment that supports teaching and... more
Although many industry professionals have the perception of a “green premium” of 17%, the actual premium cost of constructing a sustainable building is only around 7%
The track record of clay brick construction in providing sustainable superior quality infrastructure - schools, clinics and houses - is evident in every South African city. Many cities boast... more
“Clay brick buildings shape South Africa’s architectural heritage. New alternative materials and systems constantly present themselves as “the next big thing” in construction technology, and claim to... more
So many products and companies these days play the green card. Unfortunately, the words “green” or “environmentally friendly”, like the words “natural” and “organic” have no definitions
The Clay Brick Association explains the sustainability benefits of designing green buildings with clay bricks. When considering construction materials, design professionals need to consider: Is it a... more
Clay brick has the ability to absorb heat during the day and release it at night, thus reducing the need for artificial heating in winter and cooling in summer.  Clay Brick’s ability to “self-... more
We present evidence that MIBT’s claim that their prefabricated panels have a “better thermal rating than clay brick” is substantively false. It is not only contradictory to Agrément SA findings but... more
Clay brick makes for the right construction material of choice for sustainable infrastructure investment in South Africa, providing lowest lifecycle costs than less durable lightweight methods. The... more
Much like any building or structure depends on pillars of equal strength for support, so too, do the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability need to be strong and balanced to... more has a range of pull-up banners and display material for use at trade shows. Cost-effective company-specific display material can be created for CBA members. Please contact the... more
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An energy efficient home achieves comfortable temperatures without mechanical heating and cooling. To achieve this objective, one begins by understanding the local climatic conditions in which the... more
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