Bricklaying Made Easy

This digital version is a free download. "Bricklaying Made Easy" (print version) is available from the Clay Brick Association for just R150.  Click here

Many of mankind’s traditional crafts and skills are fast disappearing from a machine-age world in which sophisticated technology has become the watchword. It is particularly gratifying therefore when one such craft defies all attempts to reproduce mechanically that which can still be best accomplished by human hands - i.e. the craft of the bricklayer. Throughout the centuries the basic skill of bricklaying has remained virtually unchanged because it is simple, efficient and not too difficult to acquire.

For the professional bricklayer it is a skill, which no machine can out-perform; for the amateur bricklayer it is a hobby which few can equal for its sense of accomplishment in building with one’s own hands projects that will last for many decades.

For the hobbyist there is also the added benefit of building whatever is involved at no greater cost than that of the required bricks and mortar. Indeed, there could hardly be a more timeous occasion to introduce this completely revised and updated edition of “Bricklaying is Easy” than in today’s high labour-cost climate.

The new edition contains considerably more information than the previous book and makes greater use of step-by-step photographs to illustrate to the reader the procedures to be followed in acquiring a lifetime skill.

May it serve as your foundation for many rewarding bricklaying ventures in the future.


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