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Wouldn’t life be so much easier if clients never changed their minds?

Cermalab manages a SANAS accredited (T0855) materials testing and materials sector training laboratory, serving the heavy clay, ceramic and refractory industries in Africa and offers a wide range...view more

UK Construction Online’s Matt Brown speaks with Keith Aldis, Chief Executive of the Brick Development Association (BDA), on the brick manufacturing industry meeting sustainability targets and the...view more

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The new Royal School in Alberton is constructed from Corobrik Moroccan Red Travertine face bricks offering a robust school that requires no maintenance.

Red Travertine face brick is bringing rich aesthetic appeal and integrity to the construction of Royal School Alberton in Albertsdal.Cosmopolitan Projects’ Leopard’s Rest housing development...view more

At the 2015 Master Builders Award ceremony, Rods Construction won the “Excellence in Construction” award in the health care facilities category for the construction of an extension to the...view more

Platinum Manor, a new affordable housing scheme recently completed in Chantelle Pretoria

Clay brick, and especially face brick affords numerous cost-saving benefits for affordable residential living. Durability, longevity and natural thermal performance properties contribute to...view more

While clay brick schools last a lifetime, photos below show prefabricated ABT schools with expensive repair bills after less than 3 years use.

We are all well aware of the responsibilities of scholars, teachers and parents in the education process. But a huge responsibility also lies with government to provide infrastructure conducive to...view more

ABT structural failures at Good Hope Primary School

Clay brick has always been the material of choice for sustainable, low maintenance and long lasting infrastructure. Schools, clinics and houses built over the past 100 years all across South...view more

Buildings should be built to last and as such the life cycle value of a building derived from long term durability, low maintenance and energy savings should be the key determining factor to be...view more

Montana High School Library in Worcester makes superb use of the natural insulating properties of clay brick. Photograph courtesy of Worcester Brick.

Sustainable buildings meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  Property deve

The solid all round performance and life-time value that clay brick brings to infrastructure buildings remains unparalleled.

The Study objective was to identify amongst a set of walling types which of these solutions and construction methodologies provide the best balance

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Our challenge as brick manufacturers in pursuit of a significant share of the Low Cost Housing market has been to provide clay brick products in formats that were more cost effective and afforded...view more


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