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This Technical Note includes guidance related to the design, construction and maintenance of pavements constructed of brick pavers that will serve

Photography: courtesy of Hufton Crow 2017

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This Technical Note discusses sustainability and sustainable design and their relationship to brick use and recycling.

The objective of the Technical Note is to provide a concise explanation of the walling provisions in the SANS204 standard, and indicate how this ca

When choosing face brick, make sure that the material is strong, hard-wearing and weather-resistant, so as to withstand the local exposure conditio

The Clay Brick Association of South Africa ( has been closely involved with the development of walling requirements for SANS 204: Ene

Green Star SA is a rating system used to assess the design and construction of various building types, from an environmental and human health persp

Publications around the principles of Sustainable Development are reviewed.

A review of the Energetics Life Cycle Assessment for Clay Brick Masonry Walling in Australia, as well as research papers presented at the Sustainab

Concepts are explained and the definitions of Thermal Resistance and Thermal Capacity, as well as the formulae for the calculation thereof, are pro

A review of articles published in 'Sustainability Conferences' and developed for the Clay Brick Association as a summary of other significant works

Review of Health Aspects in Buildings as pertain to VOCs (volatile Organic Compounds) and Clay Brick Masonry Walling

A discussion paper on the 'Life Cycle Assessment of Masonry Walling' to be conducted by the Clay Brick Association of South Africa (CBA).

There is been growing world-wide concern for energy conservation, the reduction of greenhouse gases and sustainability.


Energy efficient building standards tend to focus on the thermal resistance requirements of the envelope, whilst the benefits of the thermal capaci


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