The CBA represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa.

We inspire sustainable, contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

Climate Change

The Clay Brick Association is committed to assist their member in keeping track of the various regulation and to be able to effectively respond and comply to those regulation, in this and related pages you will find a summary of the Climate, Carbon and Energy regulation impacting the manufacturing of clay bricks in South Africa. With this regulation review the association would like to provide its members with an overview and understanding of the regulation in order to efficiently implement those regulation.

At the same time the CBA aims to establish a dialogue with the relevant department and proactively engage directly to improve the accuracy of those regulation where potentially impacting the sector. We encourage all the members to familiarize with this regulation and to contact us should you have any question. The Clay Brick Association and the sector is committed to guarantee a sustainable future for this earth and all the people living on it

Clay bricks fulfil an important role in developing South Africa’s economy. They provide a durable and affordable means of building high quality housing and structures for the nation.
Summary Updated: August 2017. Declaration of Greenhouse Gases as Priority Air Pollutants and National Pollution Prevention Plans Regulations published by the Department of Environmental Affairs on 21... more
The National Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulations were published on 3 April 2017. The current reporting threshold for brick manufacturing is set at 4 million bricks per month. Note that the... more