The CBA represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa.

We inspire sustainable, contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

Innovative clay brickwork


Local clay brick is arranged in an authentic, artisanal geometric pattern, using repetition to create continually changing light and shadows throughout the day.  This house incorporates natural lighting through the lattice and window openings.   The clay brick with warmth and character to the unusual split-gable reinforced concrete, glass and steel structure.

The use traditional building techniques connects the residence with its Mexican historical and cultural context, while improving light penetration and air circulation. The architects redefining the traditional gabled roof shape into an asymmetric, contemporary form by using red bricks that are commonly seen in buildings around the area.

  • Architects: Proyecto Cafeína and Estudio Tecalli
  • Area:  118 m²  
  • Location: Mexico
  • Photographs:  Patrick Lopez, Roberto Martínez