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CBA sponsors award for homelessness solutions

The Clay Brick Association (CBA) has sponsored three prizes for an architectural student competition to design alternative solutions for the homeless population. Run by The Cape Institute for Architecture invited all students within Architectural department/School within Cape Town to submit a project entry that will address the upsurge in homelessness in the City of Cape Town.The Clay Brick Association was represented by member Cabrico at the Award Ceremony in Cape Town.

Prizewinners - Innovate Design for Change

  • 1st place: Nelsia Massuanganhe
  • 1st Runner up: Ant Swanepoel
  • 2nd Runner up: Tristan Link

In their project, the students had an opportunity to help realise some of the city’s concerns with the upsurge in homelessness.  The students were required to come up with design solutions which aimed to translate identified areas/spaces affected by homelessness. The solutions were not to be only limited to creating more houses, but to come up with long-term sustainable methods for the city to better utilise the City’s care intervention programme .

They were required to locate a site, that would help address your design solution:

  • Have at least one interior / exterior space
  • Ablutions and cleansing
  • Have a relationship to the public streetscape, and neighbours
  • Consider spatial design in plan and section
  • Consider light and volume

The final short-listed projects will be exhibited in The Architect gallery at 71 Hout Street, Cape Town at between December 22- end January 23.


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